April 2017

04/24/2017: Chad Gaffield (Ottawa) @ RRCHNM

On Monday, April 24, at 12 noon, Chad Gaffield (Distinguished University Professor, Professor of History, and University Research Chair in Digital Scholarship, University of Ottawa), will be presenting a talk entitled “Digital History, Digital Humanities, Digital Scholarship: A Canadian perspective on possible futures.”


04/17/2017: Ed Summers (MITH) @ RRCHNM

On Monday, April 17, at 12 noon, Ed Summers (Lead Developer at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities) will give a talk entitled “Under Surveillance: Power and Empowerment in the Social Media Archive.”

Ed Summers is the technical lead of Documenting the Now. This project, undertaken in collaboration with Washington University in St. Louis and the University of California, Riverside, “will result in  an open-source application for collecting tweets, their associated Web content (text, images, video and audio) and metadata, as well as creating data views and export mechanisms both for use with data visualization platforms and for preservation. It will utilize Ferguson-related tweets and Web content as the subject of application development, delivering a Ferguson social media data set for research and preservation, and build a community of users and advocates around the DocNow application.”

This Brown Bag is being organized by the Rosenzweig Center’s 2016-17 Digital History Fellows: Laura Crossley, Jessica Dauterive, and Andrea Odiorne.


04/05/2017: Project Workshop @ RRCHNM

We are working with the Library of Congress to develop Eagle Eye Citizen, a mobile-friendly interactive that lets students and teachers solve and create civics and history challenges using primary sources. The site uses a game-based design to promote close reading, sourcing, contextualization, and critical thinking for a middle and high school audience. The challenges in Eagle Eye Citizen integrate content on Congress and American history and explore the legislative branch, civil rights, elections, the Constitution, and citizenship.

During the workshop, we will be solving and creating Time After Time challenges, which encourage sequencing and periodization.  We would appreciate any feedback on design, functionality, and content. Your participation is greatly appreciated!



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02/08/2017: Project Workshop @ RRCHNM

For this month’s Project Workshop, we are going to take time to talk about what role RRCHNM can play in responding to the current political climate and state of affairs.

In the past, RRCHNM has pulled together unfunded projects, or assisted others in doing so, as a reaction to current events. The Omeka team helped VA Tech put together a digital memory bank in 2007. Occupy Archive was an effort driven totally on Center volunteers in 2011. Eric Gonzaba started the TrumpProtestArchive.com on his own in late January.

Bring some ideas and a pen. We will be brainstorming on Post Its. Our goal is to discuss and select at least one form of action, and then devise an implementation plan.


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