Creating Local Linkages

Creating Local Linkages provides professional development opportunities to train public librarians in facilitating digital local history projects in their community. Through this online program, RRCHNM invites librarians to explore their collections with the eyes of an historian and to expand their digital skills.

Genealogy draws patrons to public libraries with local history collections. Their presence is an opportunity to connect them to a broader history than their family tree and introduce the processes of historical thinking and developing contexts for interpreting historical sources. Doing local history work increasingly involves harnessing an expanding universe of digital sources and digital publication platforms, providing public librarians with an opportunity to develop the digital literacy of their patrons.

Creating Local Linkages offers several different professional development opportunities.

  • A freely available online curriculum
    • Taught as an 8-week certification course four times in 2019-2020
    • Available for self-guided learning, so librarians can learn what they need at their own pace
    • Able to be reused and remixed by organizations and individuals
  • In-person workshops to introduce local history and skills for doing digital local history
  • A guide to support programming that engages patrons in creating digital local histories