03/25/2019: Elizabethan Court Day By Day Encode-a-thon @ RRCHNM

The Elizabeth Court Day By Day Encode-a-thing will take place in Fenwick Library 1014B from 10:30am-3.00pm on March 25, 2019.
The Elizabethan Court Day by Day is a dataset of day-by-day accounts of Queen Elizabeth I’s court for the entirety of her reign.  The Folger Shakespeare Library is conducting a project to mark up the dataset in XML using volunteer coders, to enable the easier extraction and analysis of the dataset and shed new light on the quotidian events of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.  Participants will learn to use the Folger’s custom transcription and tagging software to encode and create preliminary visualizations of extracted data throughout the course of the event.  The dataset, and its derivative projects, are all published under a CC-BY-SA International license (meaning you’re free to take the data and run with it, if something catches your interest.)