11/07/2018 Jens Pohlmann (Gerda Henkel Postdoc) @ RRCHNM

On Wednesday November 7, 2018 at 12 noon in the RRCHNM lounge Jens Pohlmann, the 2018-19 Gerda Henkel Fellow in Digital History at RRCHNM, will present on his project “Mapping the German Tech Blog Sphere and its Influence on Digital Policy.”

The goal of this project is to build a corpus consisting of German tech blogs that will allow researchers to identify important actors and their networks in the tech blog sphere and to trace whether their arguments have an impact on public discourse in the mainstream media and eventually on the development of digital policy. In our first study of this tech blog corpus, we will focus on the public discussion of the German Network Enforcement Act or “NetzDG,” also called the “Facebook Law”. This controversial law with its implications for basic rights such as freedom of expression, for the democratic decision-making process in elections, as well as for global internet governance represents a very rich and extremely relevant use case for the analysis of the ways in which the political and societal implications of technology are discussed and negotiated in different fields of the public sphere.