Historical Diplomacy Simulations

The National Museum of American Diplomacy’s Historical Diplomacy Simulation Program engages participants in the art and practice of diplomacy while introducing them to the contributions of the State Department and U.S. diplomats in the context of a historical event addressed in the teaching of U.S. history.

Funded by the Una Chapman Cox Foundation’s initiative on American Diplomacy and the Foreign Service, the simulations were researched and developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media in collaboration with NMAD and National History Day.

The simulations cover three topics from different eras in United States history: The Barbary Pirates Hostage Crisis: Negotiating Tribute and Trade, The Spanish and American Conflict of 1898: Treaties and Self-Determination, and The Suez Canal Crisis: National Sovereignty versus International Access to Waterways. Each simulation features student facing and teacher facing materials along with video interviews with scholar experts to help students place each scenario in its historical context.