RRCHNM Partners with Shapell Manuscript Foundation to Develop Teaching Materials

RRCHNM is excited to announce an agreement with the Shapell Manuscript Foundation (SMF) to develop education materials that will make use of the Foundation’s rich and engaging digital collection. RRCHNM will create four teaching modules for secondary school teachers that will be hosted on the Shapell Manuscript Foundation website. Each module will feature teaching strategies including differentiation for diverse learners, a sample lesson plan, ideas for assessment, a Document-Based Question activity for AP courses, the national history standards met by each module, and links to related SMF resources. The Shapell Manuscript Foundation features an impressive collection of primary sources related to United States presidential history, the history of Israel and the Holy Land, as well as rare letters from prominent figures in American literature including Mark Twain and Herman Melville. The modules should be available for teachers by the end of the year.