Clio Wired

An Introduction to History & New Media

Week 1

Getting Started

Internet Basics

  1. How the Internet Works in 5 Minutes (2009) (Video – 5:00)
  2. Dan Cohen & Roy Rosenzweig, “Getting Started: The Basic Technologies Behind the Web,” in Digital History (2006)
  3. 40 Maps that explain the internet, Vox (2014)
  4. WWW Timeline (Pew Research Internet Project, 2014)
  5. How the internet has woven itself into American life,” Pew Research (2014)

Your Web Presence

  1. Miriam Posner, Stewart Varner & Brian Coxall, “Creating Your Web Presence,” Chronicle of Higher Education (2/14/11)
  2. Jim Groom, “How the Web was Ghettoized for Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed” (2014)
  3. Seth Zweifler, “For Professors, Online Presence Brings Promise (and Peril),” Chronicle of Higher Education (4/21/2014)
  4. Heather Cox Richardson, “Should Historians Use Twitter, PT 1 & 2” (2013)
  5. Ryan Cordell, “How to Start Tweeting (and Why You Might Want To),” ProfHacker (8/11/2010)


Assess your online presence & outline what presence you think you need

  • Google Profile;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;

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