Who We Are

Our team includes scholars, researchers, developers, programmers, designers, project managers, educators, multimedia producers, and graduate and undegraduate students. Our backgrounds include history, English, museum studies, computer science, graphic design, teaching, and journalism.

RRCHNM is part of the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University. Center directors are faculty in the department, and students from the PhD program work as research assistants and undertake practicums as part of the Digital History Fellowship program.

The Center is organized into three divisions: Educational Projects, Public Projects, and Research. RRCHNM is led by Stephen Robertson, the Center Director; division directors Kelly Schrum, Sharon Leon, and Sean Takats; and director of strategic initiatives Sheila Brennan.

Jannelle LeggDH Fellow
Amanda ReganDH Fellow
Amanda MortonDH Fellow
Jordan BrattDH Fellow
Joshua CatalanoGraduate Research Assistant
Sara ColliniGraduate Research Assistant
Justin BroubalowGraduate Research Assistant