CHNM User-Generated Content Policy

CHNM defines user-generated content (UGC) as content in the form of text, video, still image, or audio that is submitted by a user for publication on a CHNM website or other interactive service; involves some creative effort on the part of the user in creating original content or adapting existing content; and is self-produced and submitted without expectation of payment.

Standards Signposting UGC

CHNM will clearly distinguish UGC from other content produced, commissioned, or acquired by CHNM.


Every CHNM interactive website or service on which UGC is published must be moderated by appropriately trained staff. UGC is not published until a moderator has reviewed it and determined it is suitable for publication. Any inappropriate content, including hate speech, personal attacks, materials constituting harassment or containing explicit sexual or violent content will not be made public. Spam filters are included to minimize spam through a combination of real-time filtering and challenge-response interaction, such as a CAPTCHA visual challenge.

Accuracy and Corrections

CHNM cannot reasonably be expected to verify the accuracy of UGC or to correct all inaccuracies in UGC. However, where CHNM is satisfied it is necessary or appropriate, it may exercise its discretion to edit, remove, or clarify UGC that contains an error or is otherwise false or misleading.


CHNM does not require impartiality from users who generate content. The issues raised by users’ submissions may be contentious. CHNM recognizes that social and political activity is a necessary and desirable aspect of a healthy democracy, and that UGC will encompass that activity. Mindful of its duty to maintain its independence and integrity, CHNM will be open to the spectrum of views and give users a fair opportunity to participate. It will also ensure that content is editorially justified and suitable for the likely audience.

Links Posted by Users

CHNM must check user-submitted links to ensure they are editorially justified and suitable for the likely audience. Particular care must be exercised when linking to sites that have content that is contentious. When assessing a user-submitted link, consideration is given to: how long the link is likely to remain available, any need to regularly monitor the quality of the material on the pages being linked to, any legal risks, and how to remove the link quickly should that become necessary or desirable. CHNM does not necessarily endorse and is not responsible for the content on sites to which users link and will notify site visitors of this policy.

Terms of Use

Before posting, all users will be directed to accept the following statement:

When posting contributions, you must comply with the spirit of the following standards as well as the letter. These standards apply to each part of any contribution as well as to its whole.

Contributions must: be accurate (where they state facts), be genuinely held (where they state opinions), and comply with applicable law in the United States and in any country from which they are posted.

Contributions must not: be defamatory (a defamatory comment is one that may damage the reputation of a person or organization); be in contempt of Court (i.e. your contribution must not contain anything that risks prejudicing current or forthcoming Court proceedings); be threatening, abusive, harassing or invasive of a person’s privacy; be sexist, racist, profane, blasphemous, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory and/or offensive; promote violence or advocate, condone or assist any unlawful act; describe violent intentions towards other people or organizations; be pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene or lewd; be used to impersonate any person or to misrepresent your identity; infringe any copyright, database right, trade mark or any other intellectual property, confidentiality or privacy rights of any person or organization; or otherwise violate any law. In addition, your contribution must not post a link to a website that contains, or directly links to, material that contravenes any of these standards.

By contributing, you grant us royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive permission to publish, use, or edit your entry or any media in any way deemed appropriate by us, excluding any manner that may generate profit from your material. We may provide or offer UGC to third party media or other organizations and will endeavor to do so in a manner that is not inaccurate, misleading, or distorted. We agree to respect contributors’ moral rights, crediting them appropriately and defending the integrity of their work against (unfair or misleading) alterations.


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