Essays on History & New Media

November 2017

Arguing with Digital History working group, “Digital History and Argument,” white paper

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
March 2009

Why Collecting History Online is Web 1.5

Sheila A. Brennan and T. Mills Kelly
March 2006

Evolution, Intelligent Design, Climate Change, and the Scholarly Ecosystem

Michael Jon Jensen

From Babel to Knowledge: Data Mining Large Digital Collections

Daniel J. Cohen

Ways of Seeing: Evidence and Learning in the History Classroom

Michael Coventry, Peter Felten, David Jaffee, Cecilia O’Leary, and Tracey Weis, with Susannah McGowan
February 2006

No Computer Left Behind

Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig
December 2005

Web of lies? Historical knowledge on the Internet

Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig
July 2005

American Digital History

Orville Vernon Burton
April 2005

Should Historical Scholarship Be Free?

Roy Rosenzweig
February 1999

The Future of Labor’s Past

John Summers
February 1998

Can You Do Serious History on the Web?

Carl Smith
June 1997

Brave New World or Blind Alley? American History on the World Wide Web

Michael O’Malley and Roy Rosenzweig

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