Antisemitism, U.S.A. Podcast Receives Generous Support from the David Bruce Smith Foundation

The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM) is excited to announce that R2 Studios has received a $50,000 gift from the David Bruce Smith Foundation to support Antisemitism, U.S.A., our forthcoming narrative podcast series on the long, complicated history of antisemitism in the United States. 

In production since 2022, this limited series is hosted by Mark Oppenheimer and features contributions from over two dozen leading experts in history, religious studies, politics, and public policy to explore how antisemitism has evolved in America since the nation’s founding. 

“I have never understood why the world chooses–in many cases–to resolve its conflicts by derailing into hate,” remarked David Bruce Smith on his foundation’s support for the series and the importance of educating the public about the past. “It would be so much easier–and efficient–to go the other way.”

The series will be the fourth narrative podcast and the first religious history series produced by RRCHNM’s R2 Studios.

“RRCHNM is grateful for the support of David Bruce Smith and his foundation,” said Jeanette Patrick, Head of R2 Studios and Executive Producer of Antisemitism, U.S.A. “At a moment when histories of antisemitism in the United States are needed now more than ever, this gift will allow us to advance our mission to make engaging, deeply researched history podcasts for audiences who want a richer understanding of the past.” 

Antisemitism, U.S.A. will be released on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and all other major podcast apps this summer. 

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