Now on shelves: History Matters: A Student Guide to U.S. History

History Matters: A Student Guide to U.S. History Online
Alan Gevinson, Kelly Schrum, Roy Rosenzweig

Based on the award-winning website History Matters: The U.S. Survey Course on the Web, which is a joint project of CHNM and the American Social History Project at the CUNY Graduate Center, this unique resource pairs an annotated guide to 250 of the most useful U.S. history websites for student research. An introduction helps students find, evaluate, and use online sources independently. Intended for the experienced Web surfer and the novice alike, the introduction encourages the development of good research habits through discussion of primary and secondary sources, tips on evaluating website content, and advice on electronic source citation and avoiding plagiarism. The rest of the volume provides chronologically arranged starting points for Internet research, directing students to document, audio, video, and image collections for authoritative and reliable investigation. Sites cover a broad range of political, social, and cultural sources from early Native American legal cases, to Civil War photographs, to Jazz Age African American sheet music. A substantive review of each featured website identifies research topics best served by the site, and select illustrations depict what students will find. Indexes by subject and by medium help students locate appropriate websites for specific projects.

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