RRCHNM Receives Additional Funding to Create More Teaching Guides

Library of Congress funding for these teaching guides builds upon earlier work that supports new prospective teachers as they teach difficult subjects in history.

RRCHNM is proud to announce funding from the Teaching with Primary Sources program from the Library of Congress for 2023-24. With these funds we will create four more teaching guides for pre-service teachers on difficult to teach topics. These free online resources feature activities for students to engage with Library of Congress primary sources to better understand topics in history — with a focus on topics that can be especially challenging for teachers who are new to the profession. The guides provide activities where students engage with primary sources and model historians’ approach of understanding people in the past through the evidence they left behind. They also contain guidance for incorporating these activities into a typical history curriculum.

Last fall, we developed four guides focused on the history of religion in America to launch this initiative. The topics of the guides included Religion and the Civil WarReligion and the Labor MovementMormons and Westward Expansion, and the 1916 Children’s Code of Morality. This latest round of funding will support the development of guides focused on different topics pre-service teachers may teach in the classroom.

The new set of guides will be published on Teachinghistory.org in September 2024 bringing the total number of guides to eight.


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