Virginia Tech launches April 16 Archive in collaboration with CHNM

Virginia Tech’s Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (CDDC) has just announced the launch of the April 16 Archive. Employing technologies originally developed in conjunction with CHNM’s stable of “Digital Memory Bank” projects including Echo, the September 11 Digital Archive, the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank, and the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, the new archive will preserve a diverse record of the events surrounding April 16, 2007 by collecting first-hand observations, photographic images, sound recordings, media reports, personal writings, official statements, individual blog postings, and any other documents that can be stored as digital files. In addition to local reactions, the archive welcomes responses from across the globe in any language. Through this archive, we aim to leave a positive legacy for the larger community and contribute to a collective process of healing, especially as those affected by this tragedy tell their stories in their own words.

The Center for History and New Media is honored to be part of this important project and proud to assist the efforts of our Virginia Tech colleagues to preserve the memory of the recent tragedy in Blacksburg.

A full press release is available from CDDC at


the center today.
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