RRCHNM is supported in part by an endowment made possible by National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grants awarded in 1998 and 2006. The second Challenge grant was linked to a campaign to name the Center in honor of Roy Rosenzweig. Gifts from that fundraising campaign are acknowledged on this donor board located at the entrance to the Center.

The Center also administers the endowment raised to support the American Historical Association’s Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History. In 2014 an ongoing gift from an anonymous donor created the Director’s Fund, which provides funds for current use.

How do we spend income from the endowment?

An Endowment report can be found in the Center’s Annual Report, which is published each Fall.

From 2013-2018, income from the endowment paid a portion of the salaries of the Center’s Grant Administrator and Systems Administrator. Neither position can be included in the grants that fund the Center’s work. Beginning in 2018, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at GMU agreed to fully fund those positions. In 2018-19, the endowment supports a Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Teaching and Learning, to allow the Center to maintain its work in the area of K-12 education.

Since 2015, the Director’s Fund has supported a variety of on-going and one-off initiatives: the publication of the Annual Report, and Current Research in Digital History, a new annual conference and peer-reviewed online publication; and a redesign of the Center website, and an update of the software platform of Teaching History, the Center’s most visited site.

Beginning in 2015, RRCHNM launched a campaign to increase philanthropic support to grow the endowment to recover losses from the financial collapse of 2008 and provide a sustainable future for the Center. We thank those who have renewed their support of the Center:

43rd Bomb Group AssociationJean-Christophe AgnewErin J. Bell
Johannes D. BergmannHarlow A. BickfordCharlene N. Bickford
David S. Bill, IVIan BirdMarilyn S. Blois
Beverly A. Blois, JrGail A. BohanDavid Bohan
Sheila A. BrennanSally A. BrettDavid B. Brown
William S. CarnellSusanne H. CarnellWilliam C. Carpenter
Ellen N. CarpenterJoel R. CenserHerrick E. Chapman
Daming ChenFaolan Cheslack-PostavaPeter G. Claymore
Carla M. ClaymoreDaniel J. CohenLizabeth A. Cohen
Rachel C. CohenJohn R. CooperMelissa A. Dabas
Marion F. DeshmukhAshok DeshmukhMary Louise Devlin
Mary DudziakGeoffrey H EleyBeverly S Ellis
Donald R. FairmanRose M. FairmanJeffrey G. Feagin
Leslie Feazell SchillFord’s Theatre SocietyGary Gerstle
Eleanor P. GreeneMichele M. GreetTim Gresback
Casey HarisonJanis G. HarlessRichard Harless
Leigh HarrisonDaniel M. HausmanNancy A. Hewitt
Devon L. HodgesMack P. HoltMargaret H. Holt
Joy R. HughesRosemary JannJewish Communal Fund
Christian JonesMark H. JonesKelly Jones
James H. JoyCatherine C. KautskyScott Keeter
Bassel KhouryGary J. KornblithSusan L. Lanson
Carol S. LasserSteven F. LawsonBrian Lee
Kenneth LeeSharon M. LeonLance Lerum
Jan LerumCornelia R. LevineSomask Likhitrattanapisal
Elizabeth A. LunbeckRebecca MarkMatthew Martinez
Robert I. MatzTeresa L. MichalsMaureen C. Miller
Colin B. MitchellCatherine Mizell-NelsonHarland S. Nelson
Corinne L. NelsonSarah M. NelsonHeather C. Oberle
George D. Oberle, IIIJohn R. OrensOrex Digital
Timothy OwensSteven PattersonRita M. Rack
Sergey RashchenkoJason RhodyJennifer L. Ritterhouse
Stephen M. RobertsonElizabeth C. RoweJames K. Russell
David SampsonCatherine E. SaundersJoseph T. Scheinfeldt
Anne ScheinfeldtJoseph V. Schill, IIILinda J Seligmann
Tim SherrattMartin J. SherwinNathaniel J. Shie
Linda ShopesAmanda ShumanDamian A. Smith
Susan SmulyanKeith StangerEric V Swanson
David ThelenKenneth C. ThompsonTroy D. Thompson
Jackie C. ThompsonShelly R. ThompsonDaniel J. Tyson
Terry J. TysonUniversity of Texas SystemVerizon Foundation
Daniel J. WalkowitzJudith WalkowitzTerry A. Wallace
Beverly C. Walters

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