10/10/2019: RRCHNM @ Religion in Place

John Turner and Lincoln Mullen will be participating in a symposium hosted by St. Louis University from October 10 to 12 on “Religion in Place: Spaces | Borders | Bodies.” They will be discussing RRCHNM’s recently begun project, American Religious Ecologies.

07/10/2019: RRCHNM @ DH2019

Jessica Otis and Faolan Cheslack-Postava will be presenting in the session “Clearing the Air for Maintenance and Repair: Strategies. Experiences, Full Disclosure” at DH 2019 in Utrecht, from July 9-12, 2019

10/25/2018: RRCHNM @ Reconstructing Historical Networks Digitally

Jessica Otis will be presenting “Six Degrees of Francis Bacon: Gender, Social Network Analysis, and Early Modern Britain” at Reconstructing Historical Networks Digitally: New Approaches, Opportunities and Epistemological Implications of Social Network Analysis, the Third Annual German Historical Institute Conference on Digital Humanities and Digital History, in Washington, DC, on October 26, 2018.  

10/15/2018: RRCHNM @ dhnord2018

Sean Takats will be presenting “Quelles collaborations au sein des structures dédiées aux humanités numériques?” [Which collaborations within structures dedicated to digital humanities?] at dhnord2018: Materialities of Research in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, in Lille, France, on October 15, 2018

10/29/2018: RRCHNM @ University of Richmond

Lincoln Mullen will be presenting “Finding biblical quotations in historical newspaper corpora” to the Department of Mathematics Colloquium at the University of Richmond on October 29, 2018, at 4.30 pm.

10/07/2018: RRCHNM @ Triangle Scholarly Communications Institute

Stephen Robertson will be part of a team working on Promoting a Public Face for Scholarly Journals at the Triangle Scholarly Communications Institute from October 7-11, 2018. Together with Lisa Brady, Liz Covart, Seth Denbo, Robert Greene II, and Catherine Halley, he will be developing a guide to platforms and strategies for public engagement to […]

10/13/2017: RRCHNM @ ISSOTL Conference

Kelly Schrum will be presenting at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference, in Calgary, Canada, on October 13, 2017